The operation of the Moere disposal facility was commenced.


The Park site at the time the land reclamation was still in progress.


Isamu Noguchi (rightmost) on a tour of the Moerenuma Park site.


A sketch plan of Black Slide Mantra drawn by Isamu Noguchi.


Scale model of Moerenuma Park based on the initial plan.


An aerial view of the waste disposal site still in operation.(1988)


Isamu Noguchi gazing at a scale model of Moerenuma Park (November 1988)

    First loads of nonburnable waste were brought in.

Land formation was started in the area of the park site where reclamation had been completed.


1988 29-Mar

Isamu Noguchi paid his first visit to Sapporo.



Noguchi set out on a tour of the proposed sites.

When he arrived at the construction site of Moerenuma Park following his visits to the other two sites, Noguchi was greatly inspired by the environment, which roused his passion for carving out a park of his own vision. Concurrently, he advanced a suggestion that Black Slide Mantra, a sculpture concept he had gestated, might well find its home in Sapporo's Odori Park.

"When Isamu Noguchi came over to this place [Moerenuma Park site] for the first time, the 1,000,000-Square meter [about 250 acres] site was still in the middle of reclamation by filling up, with dump trucks rushing around and plastic garbage scurrying in the wind. No sooner than he set his foot on the site, he got into a pair of rubber boots and began ranging the site through the lingering snow in youthful exuberance. The city employees and the staff from my office traveling with Noguchi didn't know what to do but to tag along after him..." (Jun'ichi KAWAMURA, ARCHITECT5)

"In fact, I was a bit concerned about taking Noguchi to the refuse dump and apprehensive that he might get offended. But, later, I was really convinced that it had to be a squalid place like that to help him spark his imagination..."( Hiroyuki HATTORI, B.U.G.,Inc. )



Upon receipt of a concrete proposal that Noguchi had made following the site tour, Sapporo City decided to ask Noguchi to re-examine the exiting park design plan at a deputy mayors' meeting. Also on the agenda was the location for the proposed sculpture Black Slide Mantra in Odori Park.



Noguchi paid his second visit to Sapporo.

Following another tour of the park site, he made a presentation on his first design plan using a one-three thousand (1/3000) scale model that he had brought along.



Noghchi took a stroll in Odori Park, and it was finally settled that some of the existing paths would be relocated to make room for installation of Blak Slide Mantra.



A preliminary meeting was held at the office of ARCHITECT 5 to arrange for Noguchi's next visit. On that occasion, he suggested a re-routing of the power lines running through the park site.



Noguchi visited Sapporo for the third time.

He delivered a presentation on the concepts of his second draft design using a scale model and photographs. After the presentation, a deputy mayor, Katsura, formally commissioned the park design project to Noguchi.



The Moerenuma Park design project and the installation of 'Black Slide Mantra' were officially announced at a press conference held in the city hall while a 1/2000 scale model of the park was on display.



Sapporo City garnered the cooperation of Hokkaido Electric Power Co., Inc., the Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, and Kokaji Gumi Co.,Ltd. To implement the proposed re-routing of the power lines.

"Upon hearing the news, I immediately told Noguchi 'sensei' about the successful outcome with the intention of pleasing him. Then, he calmly said, 'If you are glad for my own sake, then it's a misplaced joy. Rather, you should be happy for the benefit of all you people in Sapporo.' His message was clear to me. He really believed that the fruition of rerouting would do good for the people visiting the park for many years to come..."( The late Hitoshi YAMAMOTO, former municipal official)



Sapporo City concluded an operating agreement with Noguchi on the basic design for Moerenuma Park.



A master concept of Moerenuma Park took its final shape.



During his fourth visit to Sapporo, Noguchi invested considerable energy in field inspections/surveys and discussions on planting.


Noguchi made final adjustments on another 1/2000 scale model at his studio in Mure-cho, Kagawa prefecture.


On the occasion of the birth day party thrown at the Mure-cho studio in celebration of Noguchi's 84th birthday, the finished scale models of both Moerenuma park and Black Slide Mantra were unveiled in front of the participants.

"Gazing at the scale models of Moerenuma Park and 'Black Slide Mantra', Noguchi sensei somewhat contentedly declared, 'With these scale models, now you guys would be able to get through with the projects, even without me' ...His words still linger in our ears as if they were his last word." ( The late Hitoshi YAMAMOTO, former municipal official)


  Dec-30 Isamu Noguchi passed away at the hospital of the City University of New York.